2014: What I’ve Learned

a letter of reflection to my younger self:
Becoming vegetarian will be one of the first and most significant lifestyle changes you will make in 2014 ever.
Food has everything to do with your spiritual directive in life.
You are a photographer and business owner. Let that sink in. You are creating your reality with every step you take toward your goal. There is magic in the world, just remember to KEEP GOING…

Learn to silence your inner critic and get out of your own way. You’re an artist and your art is appreciated. Continue sharing what you create. When we bring what is within us out into the world, miracles happen.

You are a very loving person but you struggle with your ability to express love outwardly. Don’t assume the ones you love know that you love them. They need to be told and you need the practice of telling them. This will help you to achieve the emotional balance that you desire.
Sometimes you worry if your music is too loud. if your neighbors can tell that you play the same three songs again and again. Don’t let this keep you hidden. Smile, be kind – make friends with the artist next door.

I don’t care who it is or where you are – when someone takes you by the hand and asks you to dance, always say Yes! The world is your dance floor.

When Paul McCartney plays New Orleans drop everything you’re doing and take a road trip! This gracious man will deliver an emotionally, intimate performance of a lifetime. Invite someone that loves you.

After over five years of attending Austin City Limits you’ll say your goodbyes. Music festivals no longer compare to the intimacy you feel in a tiny, New York basement venue.

I used to despise being called adorable. For so long I associated it’s meaning with babies and small children. But the root word is adore. These gentle people are simply affirming you are worthy of being ADORED. And hell yes, you most definitely are!

And at twenty-six when a man pushes your hair behind your ear for the first time in your life, enjoy it. You’ve waited years for this moment and it’s everything you imagined it to be.

But charming isn’t always kind. And charming doesn’t mean he’ll stay.

We must say (or ask) the things that scare us most – the very thing that may drive the person away. Because if that’s all it takes for them to go, well, hell, let them. They would’ve gone 

To fall in love (or not) – to attempt the thing, to have a real experience, demands extraordinary amounts of courage and vulnerability and self-worth. You have to be courageous enough to give someone the power to hurt you. It will hurt like hell but realize your grieving process is your own. It’s not your job to hide from him that he’s hurt you. This is not the part where you worry about him. It’s your job to feel what you feel and make no apologies for it.

You will lose numerous friends and coworkers unexpectedly and tragically. The pain will linger on and you’ll find it hard to breathe when the sun goes down. Treat each day as a gift. The present moment is all we’ll ever have. 

Remember to take a moment and reach out to the people in your life that love, inspire and encourage you. Friendship is the most sincere form of love. It is the groundwork of all relationships.

One of your favorite humans will introduce you to kundalini yoga. When you are consciously aware of your breath you will experience your own inner essence that no one can take away from you. Explore this powerful yoga of awareness. It will bring balance to the body, mind and soul.

As adults we’re taught to hide our tears but I’m telling you now, it’s okay to cry in front of strangers. And it’s okay to cry alone in the bath. Whatever you do don’t repress yourself. An unexpressed life is painful and silence will not protect you.

Meet new people. And meet them often. They will introduce you to the pieces of yourself you have yet to discover.

Sometime at year end, you’ll reach a comfortable point in life and wonder what’s next? buy a house? have a baby?

You will realize you want to become a mother. This won’t scare you anymore. It will excite you. And sadden you. 
One day Christine.
One day when you’re in love.
You will find yourself ready to do the things you always hoped you’d experience with a lover by your side. A result of the comfort and familiarity you feel in your everyday. You’ll instead change focus and decide it’s time to pack up all of your belongings and move to a new city. a new state.

And just like that, a dream is born. an adventure awaits…

jump headfirst into the unknown with an open heart and an open mind.


4 thoughts on “2014: What I’ve Learned

  1. Hello, I don't know you and just happened to stumble across this because I follow someone that knows you on instagram. I'm not crazy nor a stalker but your smile is contagious and I just kept scrolling. I ended up here and was really intrigued by the details of your thoughts. I hope you get to wherever you're trying to go in life. Anyways in case you haven't heard it today, keep up the good work. Keep writing. Keep smiling. Be happy!


  2. You're welcome. You seem like you have alot going for yourself and I know that kind words can go a long way. I became intrigued by the love you have for your niece and nephew. I too have both, an 8 year old niece and a 5 year old nephew. Both who I would give an arm and a leg for so definitely can relate to you in that sense. In case you are looking for a new friend to make, I can be a good friend. I promise to keep sharing kind words lol I followed you on instagram so I look forward to more awesome photography! Later gator


  3. This was honestly such a lovely post. If only we could ACTUALLY send letters to our younger selves from the more confident grown-up people we become in our adulthood. Granted, we are never done growing, but wisdom is knowledge, and time allows us to learn so there are definitely things an older us could tell a younger us (at any time really) that would ease some of our hurt, discomfort, and insecurities and help us live a more happy life in the moment.

    Rae | love from berlin


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