I know I often write about healthy living and positive thinking but believe me when I tell you, I’m not perfect. Nobody is.
There’s this sort of facade going on these days in social media. People only opting to share “the good days” but I aspire to extend vulnerability in a world that is so set on hiding from it. You see, I’ve struggled with being chronically late for so long I can’t even remember when it first started. I honestly don’t want to be late but no matter what I do, I always end up rushing to my destination. It’s stressful and always leaves me feeling extremely guilty.

It pains me to think anyone has ever felt, I thought my time was more important than theirs. This is completely false! And one of the main reasons I am determined to kick this disrespectful habit. Since I’m constantly practicing and looking for new ways to improve my well-being I have no shame declaring a resolution in late February 🙂

2015 RESOLUTION: arrive early

In breaking an old habit it is crucial we identify and cultivate the benefits of a new behavior. I have chosen to redefine punctuality as a matter of integrity. So this is me owning up to my weakness and saying THANK YOU for being patient with me that one time those countless times I was running late. Are you always early? Always late?
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  1. I applaude your late February resolution! I'm obsessed with not being late. I've been waiting my mother to get ready or to pick me up from somewhere too many times as a kid that I now feel so bad when someone has to wait for me, even if only for two minutes.


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