What does 27 feel like?
Twenty-seven is waking up to a sweet baby girl reaching for your hand in the morning. It’s being smothered with hugs from the cutest rocket’s wearing baby boy. It’s arriving at work to find the entire office covered in balloons and somewhat embarrassing photos of yourself. It’s the tea party lunch you dreamed of as a little girl – the perfect reminder to slow down and savor each and every delicious bite. Twenty-seven is arcade games and laser tag with the people you love most. It’s a disco ball lit dance floor of friends, twirling to The Smiths. It’s a day of laughter spent with your very best friend – I’ve never felt more loved! It’s late night card games and early morning serenades. It’s a quiet Sunday rummaging through bins of used books and vinyl. It’s swinging at the park and a Rocket’s playoff game WIN 🙂
27 is admitting you’re scared but choosing love over fear – What a wonderful year!
I’m so happy to be here!

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