One Year of 30 Day Challenges

As I was pondering ways to bring this writing outlet back to life I came across an inspiring TED talk: Try something new for 30 days. For the past few years I’ve focused on the same New Year’s resolution, Try something new every day. I love looking for ways to step outside of my comfort zone! Whether I’m trying seaweed salad for the first time or daring a white water rafting adventure, I’m forcing myself to grow. And I don’t know about you but I CRAVE growth. Emotional growth, physical growth, mental growth, social growth, spiritual growth – I’m all about it 🙂
 And with that introduction, I’m extremely excited to announce my next personal project: A year long journey of twelve 30 day challenges! Each month will be dedicated to a new lifestyle experiment and I’ll be sharing my experiences right here on the blog. You can help me select my next challenge by leaving your suggestions in the comments below. Let’s get started!
 November’s Challenge: 30 Days of Mediation
I’m going to begin with this meditation practice in case you’re interested in joining 🙂

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