On Gift Giving

Confession: I’m a giver! Unfortunately, this has gotten me into some financial trouble in the past. I absolutely love giving! Everything from hugs, gifts, large tips, donations! My mind is constantly looking for sentimental ways to give to anyone and everyone! This may sound all good and fun but the way I was giving was harmful. It’s difficult to fully give when you don’t have control of where your money goes. Credit cards have become a way of life, the normality. But borrowing to give is not giving at all. The borrower becomes slave to the lender. I don’t know about you but I value my freedom! By eliminating credit cards there’s no more room for mindless spending.
So much of money management is behavior management.
Money reflects what is going on in our hearts.
With Christmas fast approaching, we are well into the “shopping season” and I can’t help but notice the excess amount of advertisements flooding media outlets. It’s easy to get caught up in the routine of using credit cards during the holidays. But there’s a better way! A healthier way we can slow down and enjoy the holidays with more peace of mind. So how did I kick this damaging habit to the curb? I started using a Christmas budget! Each November (sometimes October) I sit down with a notebook and pen to devise a plan. First, I write down the names of everyone I’ll be giving a gift to. Then I choose an allotted spending amount for each individual, depending on what I’ve saved this year. I make a list and check it twice! Saving to give is so much more rewarding! Giving every dollar a name serves a bigger purpose – in my life and in my heart.
Do you overspend or stress out during the holidays? Try a Christmas budget this year and let me know if you find it beneficial.
Try everydollar.com for a simple, online budgeting tool
Happy Budgeting!

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