2015: What I’ve learned

letter of reflection to my younger self:

Becoming vegan is a choice. Seeing what’s being done to the animals will cause you to view your food choices in a whole new way. Ask yourself: Is this what I want my contribution to the world to involve?

You will be surprised how willing others are to accommodate your values. Their curiosity will ignite your passion and inspire you to create ways to contribute towards a shift in their diet too.

There will be numerous occasions when you’ll feel left out in social gatherings. No matter how often you are teased or discouraged, STAND TALL! These are opportunities for great strength and power. Remember you are happier and healthier living a vegan lifestyle.

Your photography will lead you to many creative endeavors. But the one that will fill your heart most will honor the life of a client and his family. It is then, you will see the true value of your art.

Go outside, where there are no lights and just look up at the night sky. Notice how you feel. Notice where your thoughts go and discover what wonder means.

You tend to be in relationships because you see a lot of good in that person, but you ignore that you aren’t happy or that you are getting hurt. Learn not to compromise. If something is good, it’s good.

Just because a guy is sweet and adores you, doesn’t mean he’s right for you.

Always ask for what you want and NEED.

Notice who you call at 4am, post breakup, lying on the closet floor. Sometimes all you need is a little heart to heart with your bestfriend and first love.
Don’t be afraid of looking dumb, asking a stupid question, falling on your face, getting rejected or singing the wrong lyrics. We’ll be dead soon.

Over-tip. It will make someone’s day.
You will feel the need to disconnect from society. Instead of heading to the mountains, disconnect your phone service and practice being fully present with the people standing in front of you. Teach by example.
Breathe slowly when you’re scared. Breathe slowly when you’re excited. Breathe slowly when you meditate. Full, deep breaths. Breathing is the key to controlling our flow of energy.
The difference between being good and great is the effort you put in. When you discover you are exceeding the ability of your coworkers, ask for a raise. Own your work ethic! Not everyone has it.
The whole, “don’t make someone a priority when they only make you an option’ is so true. Letting go of friends is difficult but I promise it’ll free you up to give increased love and attention to those more deserving.
Designing a christmas card for your grandma will be one of the highlights of your year. Don’t put it off.
Be kind to yourself, even when you take a step in the wrong direction. You are human, it happens. Turn around and continue moving forward.

I’m so proud of the way you handled life’s challenges this year! Abundant rewards are on their way to you now. I can feel it!! Let’s start 2016 with so much love and laughter we don’t know what to do with it!

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