2016: A Year In Photos

2016 was such a transformational year for me!
Last August I made one of my lifelong dreams come true… I quit my job, packed up my life and left Texas! It was a hell of a bumpy ride but one of my biggest lessons in self-discovery. Some teachings simply don’t happen if you stay in one place for too long. Seeing the magical Redwoods in person and driving up and down the coast was absolutely breathtaking! I was in complete Awe hiking Yosemite and relaxing in natural hot springs along the way. I remember asking myself, over and over, “How can this be real?!” BEAUTY not only in nature but WITHIN me! The feeling of FREEDOM and LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES!
I’ll be sharing what I learned soon but for now, here’s a peek of what I was blessed to experience in 2016…



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