2016: What I’ve Learned

A letter of reflection to my younger self:

Loyalty can become slavery. When your job of almost eight years fails to see your worth… leave. Leave and don’t ever look back.

You know that ongoing fantasy of abandoning your hometown in search of like-minded people? You will do exactly that. You will find your community… but they will only make you miss your family and friends back home.

When a ticket to Burning Man magically appears… pack your bags and hit the road! You will cross paths with many wandering souls. These connections will affirm you made the right choice.

This will be the decision that changes everything. This is when your eyes truly open. Every moment proceeding this will look/feel like a dream. You are the creator of your reality!

Ride your bike into the dessert alone. You won’t be able to see a single thing but you will feel true freedom in solitude.

Play in the giant ball pit with the married couple from Dallas, the dude look alike and the traveling french man. Join the dusty pillow fights and laugh hysterically until you cry. You’ll become seven years old again. Time travel IS possible! Hell, anything is possible.

Black Rock City will LOOK and FEEL like you are on freakin’ Tatooine. Star Wars galaxy dream come true! The sunrises and sunsets alone are enough to leave you breathless.

From Lake Tahoe, to Yosemite, to The Redwoods, to a week long Hot Springs tour – you are witnessing nature’s natural, untouched wonders. Soak up every vibrant color, sound and fragrance!

Drive from LA to San Francisco to pick up a traveling German en route to the same yoga retreat you’re attending. Meet the people already living the life you desire. You are the company you keep.

Remember when you used to attend festivals for the music? Not anymore, you’d much rather spend your festival days learning about permaculture, alternative economic systems and listening to hactivist lectures. A rob0t is born 😉

You are not a vegetarian. You are not a vegan. You are not a raw foodist. You are a person- listening to her body, doing her best for the planet and all earthlings as a whole. If someone resists your lifestyle, let them. This game of labels will only bring about judgement. I promise you will inspire more change through love and acceptance, over fear and attack. Continue inspiring others with your life and food choices. All change, even in the slightest amount is a step in evolution.

“You’re selling yourself for so much less than you are worth, right now.” These words of raw truth will haunt you, in a good way. Always remember your worth, Vilma Christine.

Relationships are mirrors. Your greatest challenge will come to you through reflection. Forgive and be grateful it happened.

Marry a man you would be proud to call your son.

You will realize how closed off you’ve been with partners in the past, Never fully present. He will teach you to break down your walls and finally be the open book you’ve always aspired to be. He will be your biggest lesson. Your greatest teacher. But he will not be your happily, ever after.

We don’t just have one love of our lifetime, we have many. Soulmates come in different energetic forms and circumstances. Lovers, parents, children, friends. Some are only meant to be with us for short periods. While others will prove lifelong connections. Love without expectation.

Your sister and best friend will fly all the way to Los Angeles to visit you. An act of love even you can’t comprehend. This is your family. This is where you belong.

It will happen quickly and may seem like it’s too soon. But he will match your weird and share your vision. And truth be told, you fell in love with him long ago. “There’s so much I want to do with you.”

It’s the end of the things you know.

Here we go…


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