Letter To Myself 10 Years From Now

Letter to self in 10 years

Dear Christine,

Today we were asked to ‘List what we would like our life to look like in ten years’. The thought of envisioning the future, while everything is still so new will frighten you. A new home, new job, new city, new boyfriend. A lot has changed in the last year. And although it’s scary, it’s important to be clear. It’s important to be honest. And it’s important to fully embrace your desires without shame or reservation. Own that shit! Own the Amazing, beautiful life you have in store because it’s yours and you can have it all! Change is inevitable. We will no longer spend precious hours in fear or hesitation. Today is February 4th, 2027. Today you are 38 years old. Let that sink in. You are so very blessed to be alive and full of universal energy! I have such warm wishes for you.

You started your fitness journey at a young age, allowing you to age gently and gracefully. I bet you still look 10 years younger. This has always been a perk of ours. That handsome man you married- Even after all this time, I know he still cherishes you inside and out! There’s always been something strangely perfect about the way he fits into our world. Wow! How wonderful the ceremony must be! Oceanside with a soft breeze gliding through your hair. I can feel it now. Savor every moment with centered awareness. This moment is all there is. A lifetime of travel and personal-growth with him seems pretty, fantastic to me… “I can’t wait to marry you!” Because you are both mindful minimalist your home will reflect your values. Cozy, effective, safe and fitting. Fruit trees, a flourishing garden, our backyard haven – I get excited simply thinking about it!! Our lifestyle and financial goals will have blessed us with more than enough so we can in turn, bless those around us.

We will be parents. Carrying our children in your belly will be a miracle of purpose and of strength. A lesson you long to experience in this lifetime for the sake of embracing the wonders of the divine feminine. I like how this letter was originally addressed to me but flowingly became we. Two wholes uniting as one. We will be successful in our business endeavors because we love what we do. We can work from anywhere and we do. Travel is essential to our growth and pleasure. Life is always getting better! We are continuously becoming better versions of ourselves. Committed and in love.

It almost feels selfish to write such a beautiful life into existence. Always remember you are worthy of all this and more! It is our destiny to be loved by me. To be loved by all. Embrace that.

Love you forever and everrr,
Vilma Christine


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