27 BEFORE 28

How do you feel about aging? As a woman especially, I know how difficult a subject this can be. I’ve watched countless amazing women nervously dread and try to hide their birthdays- afraid that somehow aging meant turning into something ugly or ancient.
 I’ll admit it, getting older can be scary and at times, seem like you’re falling behind – still single, still dreaming larger-than-life dreams of travel and adventure. But comparison is the thief of joy. To be alive, to grow on this planet, at this moment in time, is an adventure in itself! The whole point of aging is change. You are not the same person you were a decade ago; if you’re lucky, you’re not the same person you were last year. If we let them, our experiences can keep teaching us about ourselves. I celebrate that wisdom. And I’m grateful for every age I am blessed to become.
My birthday wish? More love, more health, more challenging fear & more growth!
  1. Stargazing on a rooftop
  2. Visit the Pacific Northwest
  3. Do the splits
  4. Watch the sunrise at the beach
  5. Send five just because gifts
  6. 6am hot yoga
  7. Dance in the rain
  8. Spend the night in a tepee
  9. Get that tattoo you’ve always wanted
  10. IMDB top 100 movie checklist
  11. Critical Mass Houston
  12. Learn to drive stick shift
  13. Wear red lipstick every day for a month
  14. Keep playing: buy a hula hoop, jump rope and fly a kite
  15. Watch my best-friend get married in the Dominican Republic
  16. Leave an absurdly large tip
  17. Hotel Saint Cecilia
  18. Visit the Grand Canyon at sunset
  19. Star Wars movie premiere
  20. Kiss at the top of a ferris wheel
  21. Laser tag and water balloon fight
  22. Go to the batting cages
  23. See Jerry Seinfeld perform stand-up routine
  24. Dress the same every day for a month
  25. Finally remove wisdom teeth
  26. Pay off dream car
  27. Ride a mechanical bull
Hahaha that last one cracks me up! But let’s face it, they are everywhere in Texas and I’ve secretly always wanted to try it.

26 BEFORE 27

Those of you that know me, know I’ve always been a bit goal obsessed. When I was 20 years old I began a birthday ‘to-do list’ tradition and it was a hit! People were constantly expressing their interest and desire to make one of their own! And since one of my greatest joys comes from creatively inspiring others – I usually have to force myself to share these somewhat embarrassing lists. Besides, how will we ever grow if we don’t push ourselves to step outside of our comfort zones?
Here’s to awakening the parts of us that have fallen asleep
and creating a joyful, fulfilled life of abundance…
1. Camping on the beach
2. Go hiking and rock climbing
3. Aerial yoga and handstands
4. Write 6 children’s stories
5. Travel out of state alone
6. Dance class – swing, blues, modern
7. Paint 6 paintings
8. See white snow
9. Visit Seinfeld restaurant in New York
10. Create 6 portrait projects
11. Creative writing class
12. Fill an entire sketchbook
13. Buy a bicycle and ride it
14. Cosplay photoshoot
15. Shoot 6 rolls of film
16. Kiss underwater
17. Grow a herb garden
18. Publish photography
19. Improv class
20. Complete my Explore Houston checklist
21. Learn 6 songs on piano
22. Picnic in Central Park
23. Send 6 love letters in the mail
24. Speak Spanish fluently
25. Switch to all natural beauty products
26. Have my photo professionally taken – boudoir photoshoot